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Nintendo DS

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DS is good enough :) I just don't know if I should hold out for a few dollars off or go for it LOL

Walmart had the DS Lites in their black friday ad for $98. I was fortunate enough to get my Target to price match that. I really only wanted the older version so that my daughter could play some older Game Boy Advance games, which apparently you can't do any longer on the newer DSi version. I haven't seen the DS Lites anywhere for less than $129 and haven't seen any specials on them either, which I find weird because they are an older version.


Soooo, maybe as Christmas nears, stores will throw out some special prices on the old model. I dunno. Maybe they feel like they only want to push the new DSi though and won't do anything cheaper on the DS Lites. I have an 8 year old and this is our first year into the 'gaming' stuff, so I'm no expert.


Good luck though!

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You know, although a little bit off topic, I'd assume that the older DS versions (Lite) will be worth more then, the DSi's due to them being backwards compatable. (take a look at ps3)

Actually, I agree with this. The major reason I went ahead and bought a DS for myself was because it would play the GBA games, which I had a bunch of.


I have not seen any good deals on them since Wal-Mart's black Friday Sale.

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