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HD Link Cables for Wii $11.95 @ Amazon


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If you are hooking it up to a HDTV I would say yes!


Makes it HD Clear just make sure you put it in the HDMI port!!



I didnt do that the first time I set mine up....:bonk:


The wii is a pain to set up imo...do it while the kids are sleeping and wrap the empty box LoL

Is there just one plug for the HDMI or do you have to use the colored connectors too ?


The reason I ask is that we just purchased an HDTV and it has several connections available on the back, but only one yellow. I wondered if I bought this HDMI cable if it would eliminate the need to plug in the yellow connection. If so, then I could leave the PS2@ hooked up as well.


As far as set up, it was so simple I could connect it. All I had to do was match the colors on the Wii connections to the back of the TV.

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I have all the colored connectors plugged in...but you don't really need HD wii cables they give out 480p not a major difference compared to the PS3, and the xbox....


Universal component cables will be the better way to go to hook everything together ;)



hope that helped


Stowasser ~ I don't trust other seller only amazon

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