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Is the Tom Tom 340S GPS a Doorbuster?


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I realize the list does not have the little sunrise icon, but i wanted to make sure.

This appears to be the only 'possibly' hot item that I want from Target.

It really is a pretty good deal.

Amazon just came out with the Tom Tom 340 (without the S- Speech to text which my bride says is very important) for the same price.

In the meantime, Radio Shack and Pep Boys have the 330S. Walmart has the 325S (which I think is an exclusive to Walmart version of the 330S). All within a few bucks of the same price.

I would love to have the 340S, but do not want to have to brave the initial Target line if I do not have to.

And if it hasn't been said yet, I am very impressed with how Target is doing BF this year. I am a veteran of the last 8-10 BF's and usually I ignore Target because the deals are just routine. This year they decided to join the fun. A+ Target.

My only real concern is that the Target line will be that much bigger this year and the store managers may not know how to handle it.



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