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playstation 2 eye toy $29.95 @amazon.com


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List Price: $49.99

Price: $29.95

You Save: $20.04 (40%)




* Comes with twelve mini-games, including: Wish-Washi, Beat Freak, Kung Fu, Soccer Craze, Boxing Chump

* Can also be used to instantly create personalized video messages

* Funky Playroom feature (visual effects) and multiplayer options make EyeToy the perfect party peripheral

* USB digital camera makes the player the "star" of the game; camera unit is 2.25" tall by 2.25" wide by 3.5" deep

* Motion-tracking technology instantly translates body movement into on-screen interaction

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you plug it in the playstation2 as a controller. put it on top of the tv as a camera.


play the game while moving the body/head instead of controlling via joystick. it translates the video capture of your image to control the game.

That sounds pretty cool if it works. ??? Have you ever used one?
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That sounds pretty cool if it works. ??? Have you ever used one?


I saw it at fry's.. saw this one actually (bouncing the soccer ball with the head)


Here is link on preview:






more photos here:


at least this will give the player an exercise.

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