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George Foreman CLR Champ Grill $18.97 + Free Shipping @ BUY


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I was in Wal Mart today and one of the big George Foreman's was on sale for $25. It didn't have the removable plates, but you could probably do about 6 burgers. It was on an end cap right across for automotive---for us. Sorry I didn't pay more attention to specifics.

I bought that one today for my in laws...and I don't have any more details than you. :)

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I'm sort of debating whether I want it for myself at that price. I just really want the ones with removable plates. I love my little George Foreman. ;)

I didn't even know they made ones w/ removable plates. That would be nice. My in laws have never had one...so maybe they won't know they make them either.:tongue1:

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