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Small stocking stuffer type items...ideas??


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I always think of really good ideas but then I forget them,lol. I thought maybe we could all make some lists and help each other out with some cheap fillers (under $5.00) and stocking stuffers!


My list is for various ages / boys and girls,lol.


Bubble bath




coloring books/crayons


Why can't I think??? lmao

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My kids are 2 and 5. I got these little cloth bags from Michaels and some christmas string and tied christmas bells to the end of the string and put the small gifts in the lil cloth bags tied off with the string to make them "special".


I also stuff with

Band aids

tooth brush

tooth paste


pens or pencils


small toys (bakugon, star wars figures, littlest pet shop critters, my little pony)

little drawing pads

the little nail polishes at the end of the make up isle for my daughter

gum for my son, he wants to learn to blow bubbles

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I got some things from the Target $1 spot.


-vanilla lotion, lip gloss, bubble bath, and body spray

-holiday pencils

-brain teaser metal puzzle

-juggling set of 4 balls


-holiday socks

-Hello Kitty bracelet/necklace

-Matchbox-like car

-Holiday hot cocoa packets

-Little spiral notebooks for doodling

-Mini marker sets


Now I just need some candy.

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