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Aerosmith Guitar Hero Bundle $35.99 (some lower) @ BEST BUY


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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Special Edition Bundle


Xbox 360: $29.99

PlayStation 3: $35.99

PlayStation 2: $24.99





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I know this is the online hot deals forum but I wanted to let everyone know that I found the following at Sam's Club, in Erie, PA.


XBox 360 Guitar Hero Bundle (Aerosmith) 19.81

PS3 (same as above)


Xbox 360 Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock 14.81

PS3 (same as above)


XBox 360 Guitar Hero World Tour 19.81

PS3 (Same as above) YMMV..one of them included 2 wireless guitars for the same price.

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Oh thats poopie can you travel to another store?


no, I tried a few different areas


I am just gonna wait for the BF and CM deals on the guitar hero website, and if that doesn't work out I'm sure something else will come up.


Either way, my daughter is 14 so it's not like she's gonna cry if I don't get it for her by Christmas. I have decided to keep the spending to a minimum starting this year. I found a few good CD's for her on half.com and a couple of jewelry items from DOD sites. I will probably pick up a few little things for her if I find good deals, but I'm not putting any pressure on myself to go overboard with the gifts. I already decided years ago that I would no longer participate in exchanging gifts with other adults (besides my husband) because it's just ridiculous IMO. Not worth the hassle. The only people who make out well from all of us going nuts trying to buy gifts for everyone are the executives in these retail corporations.


Sorry, didn't mean to get on my soapbox there, it just came out :o

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