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Kitchenaid mixer and Mario Kart Wii


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I'm looking for the best deals on a Kitchenaid stand mixer. Atleast a 5 quart or larger. Best I've found so far is the Kitchenaid Professional HD at Sams for 269.62. Anyone heard about a better price than that?


I'm also looking to buy a Mario Kart for Wii. Again Sams seems lowest at 43.88. I just need the game and one wheel.


Thanks for any help!!!

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KitchenAid Professional 600 6Qt Stand Mixer $299 + free shipping at kitchenaid.com




Check Amazon too for all the different models, they vary greatly in price. You can get a refurb on for $190 with free shipping on Amazon. BTW, I LOVE my mixer!!!!


As for Mario Kart....again, check Amazon....44.99 free shipping today.

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I bought a 6 qt professional KA mixer at Amazon last year during Dec for $269. I then received a $50 Visa giftcard as a rebate, so my net price was $219. I love my mixer! Just place a couple different KA mixers in your Amazon cart, and check your cart daily. Amazon will update you when you pull up your cart with any price changes (up or down). I also got free shipping and no sales tax. :)
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