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Gifts for Sheriff's Deputies


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I need some ideas for Christmas gifts for deputies. I work for a Sheriff's Dept as a secretary for 9 Sheriff Deputies and I'm having trouble thinking of a good gift to give each of them for Christmas this year. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, and not to sound horrible but the cheaper (price not quality) the better as I am on a tight budget. Thanks for any help you can give.
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get glass beer mugs and have them engraved with their initials.the trouble will be to find good boxes for them to wrap separately


and a GC to the local beer store!!

Believe it or not, most of them don't drink so this wouldn't really work for me. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks for all the ideas so far. Really like the idea about the gift bag/basket of their daily supplies. I'm already buying them all dictionaries since I get ask a hundred times a day how to spell something, and the supplies would go well with the dictionaries.


Thanks again, Still thinking all of them over and welcome any others.

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