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Portable DVD Players

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Be careful, 3 years ago I bought the Polaroid 10 inch portable theater systems with wireless headphones. They had been reduced from 175 on bf to 75.00. I bought one for my vehicle and 2 for my sons. THe screen flips down to insert the dvd. My son's had to be replaced at least 4 times and mine has been sent in to the company once . The latches vibrate when you drive and the plastic breaks away. Mine broke again and I cut up metal barrettes and epoxied them to the plastic surface to give the metal hooks somewhere stable to hook. Now my son says the power cord isnt' working unless you hold on to it. I would like to replace them with something better quality. He's carrying his 50.00 portable he bought last year and holding it on his lap.
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We have a Colby one that my dd got for xmas last year and it doesn't work, it won't play the movie and you have to slam the top down for it to stay. Walmart has Ventuer for 59.00 and we have one of those for 3+ yrs and it works great...
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