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LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser at TRU $109.99 ($130) + FS


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Built for ship-to-ship combat and bristling with turbolaser batteries, the Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser is Grand Chancellor Palatine's personal flagship during the Clone Wars. Open the front panel to access the Chancellor's quarters, reveal the hidden wing-cannons, and drop bombs on the Separatist forces below! Includes Chancellor Palpatine, 2 elite Senate commando bodyguards, clone trooper pilot and clone trooper gunner.


To be able to understand why LEGO has been successful for so long, just look to the name. LEGO originally got its name from founder Ole Kirk Christiansen by combining the Danish words "Leg Got" that means "play well" and later realized that the word LEGO in Latin translates to "I put together." The LEGO set became a standard of creative play for children around the world, unlocking the creativity to build vehicles, buildings, cities and more. Most historians point to the invention of the wheel as a major turning point in world history. The invention of the LEGO wheel had the same monumental effect in the history of LEGO, making it possible to create cars, trucks and eventually the LEGO train building set that is one of the most successful LEGO sets of all time. LEGO innovation continues to this day with product lines like DUPLO that was created in 1969 for smaller hands and still thrives. Movie tie-ins, such as LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones Adventures and LEGO SpongeBob are some of the most popular sets. The Sci-Fi LEGO Bionicle sets have a huge following but the number one selling LEGO set of all time is The LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System. Over 1 million of these sets were sold around the world. In 2009 LEGO introduces the next generation LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0! LEGO currently produces about 20 billion LEGO bricks a year and has sold over 400 billion LEGOs in their history -- enough for every person on the planet to have over 60 LEGOs each!

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Has anyone ever ordered from the "other sellers"? Are the items new just as if they were coming from Amazon? I'm nervous to order from them...please make me feel better (or tell me that I am right to be nervous?) :)


I have once or twice with no problems...new items in packaging. But I've looked at a lot of it and they almost always charge shipping, often high and the prices are sometimes WAY out of wack. I saw something last year (I think it was a Lego thing too) a couple hundred $$ more than normal, so I know you have to be careful with the pricing stuff and consider the price after shipping.


This one here seems like a good deal though and cheaper. I think if you click on the company name it shows reviews of other purchases through them. Mostly these are just small companies that can't stand on their own and use Amazon as their interface.

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