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Disney Movies on DVD


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There is an art to collecting Disney movies. If you can find out what she has, that's a start.


Some of the movies are only released every 5/10 years - so you won't be able to find some of the older ones unless you want to buy them used. So if you see commericals that a movie is being returned to "the vault" go ahead and buy it cause you won't see it for years once the copies that are on the shelves are gone.


Disney has been famous for putting coupons out there on their websites for $5 or $10 off a movie that is only valid for like 5 days after the movie is released. They did that with Earth and Snow White. I'm hoping they do it with Up too.


We have a ton of Disney movies on VHS. DD18 has decided she wants Lion King on DVD .. too bad for her - cause it's not being produced right now.

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Disney has an offer where you can join their movie club and get so many movies for a really cheap price and then agree to buy other movies, I think it is 5, over the next so many years.


My dd collects Disney movies, she started when she was young and has them all on vhs and all that have been released on dvds. A movie is always part of her Christmas gifts. This year no Disney movie though, it will be the anniversary edition of Wizard of Oz.

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