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American Tourister 7 pc. Set at Sears $69.99 ($240) + FS


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Basic travel set that is perfect to get from point A to B. The travel set features a brown exterior made up of durable and quality material. The interior of each piece has the right amount of room for your traveling needs. The pieces are easy to carry through crowed airports and thoroughfares.

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Yep. $99 now. Darnit...and out of stock for shipping. We could have used this for our Disney trip.

Don't feel too bad about missing out on this set. I bought the 5pc version of this set last year and ended up returning it before using it due to its thin fabric (it's only 600 denier) and flimsy construction. It wasn't even as well constructed as the cheapo $39.99 set a bought a few years ago at Office Depot on Black Friday. Get at least a 1200 denier set if you do anything more than day trips.
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