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FUN! MOON SHOES Were $39.95 NOW $19.99 @ redenvelope.com


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My son wanted these SO bad... but I wasn't sure we had enough medical insurance! LOL :tongue1: These are a Really Good Deal, though! :yup: redenvelope.com has their

MOON SHOES (7 + yrs)

WERE: $39.95

NOW: $19.99


Who hasn't wanted to escape the bounds of gravity, even for a second? Like mini-trampolines for the feet, these funky shoes provide out-of-this-world fun.


* strap them on and prepare to lift off

* lightweight and strong, they let kids jump, bounce, hop and leap with abandon

* teaches balance, coordination and other astronaut skills

* easy assembly

* extra space bands included

* pair fits up to a men's shoe size 9 and supports a maximum of 180 lbs.


Item #30001120



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