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Caption Photos & Win GottaDeal.com Black Friday Survival Kits [Winners Chosen!]


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We know Black Friday can be a stressful time of year, and so this year we're going to help you out by giving away our new GottaDeal.com Black Friday Survival Kits! We've got many of these kits to give away over the next 4 weeks leading up to Black Friday, so if you don't win this time, you'll have plenty of additional chances. So I'm sure you are asking, "what's in the kit?" Here you go:




GottaDeal.com T-Shirt: you need something to wear on Black Friday, right? Show your love for your favorite web site with our brand new t-shirts!

GottaDeal.com Bag: some kits will have the drawstring backpack, others will have the reusable grocery bag, and a few will come with both bags!

Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com Coin Caddy: this zippered neoprene pouch can store your cash, credit cards, keys and other Black Friday essentials!

GottaDeal.com Highlighters: these orange highlighters are perfect for highlighting items as you look over the Black Friday ads or your shopping list!

GottaDeal.com Ballpoint Pen: this Pilot G-2 pen (blue ink) is perfect for keeping track of your purchases and crossing off items on your shopping list!

GottaDeal.com Magnets: we'll give you some of our new business card magnets - perfect for your fridge, car or anywhere else you want to stick them!

GottaDeal.com Stickers: bored waiting in line for the stores to open? Stick our stickers on fellow shoppers, store windows or anywhere else!

HOW TO WIN: There are 3 photos below that were taken on Black Friday last year and used in various news stories. Come up with your best humorous caption for each photo and post them in this thread. Be sure to label each caption based on the photo number (1,2 and 3). Only post one caption per photo - mutliple captions will not count.











Entries will be accepted until 10pm ET on Sunday, November 8th. At that point I'll choose my 3 favorite sets of captions based on overall how funny I think they are as a group. In case you lack a sense of humore, I'll also choose 3 more sets at random from the remaining entries and all 6 winners will receive BF survival kits!


Good luck to all!

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Photo 1: Whaddya mean you don't think all of this will fit?


Photo 2: I don't know where she went, but this lady got some NICE stuff! I think I'll try this one on first!


Photo 3: This is SO much warmer and more comfortable than those park benches we're usually on, isn't it Ethel? I only wish I had more paper blankets...

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Photo 1: The Octomom hits again!!!

(sadly that is about what my carts look like after TRU too Lmao)

Photo 2: Oh Sh*t...wheres my wallet?!? I knew i shouldnt have been looking at that victorias secret girl.....

Photo 3: I might be wore out but ain't Nobody gittin my ads!!!

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Photo #1: *Lady behind the carts> "Could you please pack faster? We still have 12 more stores before noon?!?" *Friend at the car> " I told you we would never get it all in your VW Bug!!!"


Photo #2: "If I just rearrange a few things I will not have to be seen with this pink striped VS bag, especially since that rumor was started about me cross-dressing!!!"


Photo #3: "Just keep your eyes closed Louise, the mall rent-a-cops will think we are mannequins and we will be able to be first in line. Only 16 hours til Black Friday officially begins!! Shhhhhh......I think I hear one coming......be very, very, still.

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#1 "Now sue... I'll tie these carts together and you sit in back and hold on."


#2 If I stash my latest star wars find in this vickies bag, maybe people will stop with the "40 year old virgin" jokes!


#3 Lady on the right.. Quick, cover my face, my husbands comin and if he sees me hes gonna drag me outta here..

Lady on the left... Here you go honey, now lets pray he keeps walking.

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1) I wonder how mad she'll be if I leave her standing there on the curb and come back for her later.


2) Ooh, this scarf, these shoes, and what I've got in this little pink bag over here...I am going to look so HOT!


3) These Black Friday shoppers thought they'd take a nap. When they awoke, the line had grown by the hundreds, "Oh crap!"

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1. When she said we were going shopping I didn't think I needed to rent a uhaul!!!

2. "If I look carefully, maybe I can find that gps unit I asked for"

3. In an overhead bubble "Walmart...Target...Kmart...Sears...Toysrus....Best Buy....sales...sales...sales..where are my ads?...zzzzz"

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1. I GIVE, I GIVE.....Honey, next car we get is that 50 passenger bus you wanted!


2. Maybe this will get me out of the dog house, after the I.O.U's I gave her last year!


3. I believe in Day Light Savings time... we should fall back an hour on Black Friday!

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#1 - OK, the baby's Christmas presents are done. You've got the baby, right?

#2 - I hope this will make up for the leaf blower I gave her for our anniversary.

#3 - Let's go over what you're going to grab while we wait for the store to ... zzzzzzzzzz

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#1 - Do you think we can tie the kids to the roof top, I wanna make sure all the stuff fit inside.


#2 - I got my secretary something I better hide these because I forgot my wife gift.


#3 -Let's just take a little break we have been up since midnight, Just 5 minutes to get refreshed before the next round of stores

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