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LLBean Coupons or Free Shipping codes?

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Feel free to PM me if none of these work for you.


Some more to try:


Free Shipping

Code: 3013598

Ends: 1/1/2010


Free Shipping

Code: 3016123


Free Shipping - It mentions the Christmas Catalog, so the item *might* need to be in there

Code: LL3016151




Also found this:




Terms and Conditions

One (1) $10 promotional gift card will be provided for orders of $25 or more, through December 24, 2009, while supplies last. Limit one card per customer per day. Qualifying orders exclude any discount amount, gift card purchases, duty, taxes, exchanges, shipping and handling, return labels, additional ship charges, Direct to Business, L.L.Bean Outlet® or Japan Business Office orders. Promotional gift cards will be valid on future L.L.Bean merchandise purchases in US dollars through February 16, 2010. Promotional gift cards received in the mail are redeemable upon receipt of the physical gift card (will arrive within 7 to 10 business days). Promotional gift cards received at our stores are redeemable 24 hours after receipt. For complete details including redemption rules, please visit

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