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20% off american eagle @ ae.com


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Im not sure why but I ended up with free shipping and my order was under $60 and I didn't order shoes. Not sure if it is a glitch but thought I would pass it on.


I had free shipping and was able to get 2 pairs of pants and 1 pair of sweats for $39.88. I hope they fit well and if so then it's was an awesome deal. thanks! :)

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not sure about the free shipping on its own, but i know the kids section is running a free shipping if you add a kids item to your ae order , and you can also use the 20% on top of that. combine that with the buy one jean get a hood 50% off is a pretty good deal too.
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Works on clearance items too

20% off code: 23876456




They have free shipping if you order shoes

Thanks, had a gift card for $15 that I had forgotten about and was able to order another 3 pairs of pants for $40 shipped. I hope these all fit well. I love their favorite pant from last year but didn't like the fit of this years same pant. So, we'll see, thanks again for the code.

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