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Wii accesories...worth it/useless/sturdy?

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I have had Wii for 2 + years and love it, Wii sports still being our family favorite... We have extra remotes..but my kids have bugged me for awhile for the accesory things for the remotes:


http://www.amazon.com/Wii-9-1-Sports-Pack-Nintendo/dp/B0019N6RG8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1256409275&sr=8-3 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41YpfXyujuL._SL500_AA280_.jpg


I have avoided buying these, thinking they'll get lost/tossed around/broken easily because they are removed and attached often. I think there is more than one kit (and maybe even some not by Wii, but I am not sure)

Do any of you find them worth it? Do your kids like them?

Do they seem to make the game more real/improve kid's technique?

It is their favorite wii game, so I was feeling maybe I should get it...but still concerned about all the above questions?

Also what is the best price for them?

and finally can they be used with Wii SPORTS RESORT??


Thanks for any/all help

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I bought two sets and after opening one - I return the other one. They really don't do anything to help you improve your play .. they are basically just for show. And like in the clip above - they can be dangerous!


I thought they were a waste of money - except for the wheel .. that does make a difference. I think I picked up the wheel for like $4.99. And the skins you can get directly from Ninendo for free if you've had your Wii for 2 years. you just have to call them with the serial number. Or you can order up to 4 on their website. http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/jacket/jacketrequest.jsp

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I'm going to have to agree that I don't really like the attachments either. I bought an off name brand (cant remember what it was atm) and the remotes snapped in so snugly it was such a pain to get the remotes out. They really don't help with performance at all - But like the previous post, the wheel is the only "attachment" that is really worth getting.
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i have most of them for the kids. they use the wheel frequently--we have 2. and as for the other accesssories, they kids use them 75% of the time, they just have fun with them. i have some of the knock offs and some of the name brand ones...not really much difference. but some stores will run specials buy x and get y free, that's how i got the name brand ones even cheaper than generic.
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I appreciate all of your replies~~ looks like the majority of you think they are not helpful/worth it.


I will just "be strong" and tell the kids we are passing on them, for something better/a new game since we don't have much $$ for Christmas anyway.

Thanks for your help :D

get the free skins from Nintendo if you haven't done so already. Kids don't have to know they were free.

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