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Good deal for a 9 Year old? UPDATE: Went into TRU: Found Same model 8GB for $69.98

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Sony NWZ-S616 4GB Walkman Video MP3 Player - Pink


TRU has it for $71.98 with free shipping over $75. ( I can find a few dollar item)






My daughter was getting my son his "old" 2 GB IPod nano, but my husband and I were talking and I wanted one. Nothing fancy so Im inheriting his 2gb and we want to buy my daughter her own mp3 player or nano.


In looking at the prices, I figured an MP3 player would be the best bet. Is there a major difference in an Ipod and MP3 player? Not sure on that one. No one else has this particular one in stock and/or around this price.


Pink is her color and she would DIE to have this one. (she got a pink DVD player last year and she still shows everyone!


Should I buy it now for christmas? Thanks for any help.

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UPDATE: I went to TRU today to see the 4gb.


Well... They had the 8gb for $69.98! I bought it today. Funny as the 4gbs are $71.98 in the store. Left 2 pink ones. Employee said they had been flying out of the store since the sale on the 8GB. Didn't even know they were on sale. Thank god I thought to go into the store today.


My question.. Where would I get songs for this MP3 player? I know Ipods can go to Itunes, but wasn't sure about mP3 players.

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