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Hi i am new to this site but i have been browsing it a lot lately and i just saw that the 40% of the dell 6000, has expired :(:(


If anyones finds if there will be a coupon for 40% again please please post here or IM me on aim at impy10x.. i will be going to college in the fall and i want to save my parents some money.


Thanks guys/gals

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Something to keep in mind in regards to the I6000 is right now, with it being back-to-school time, the ship date on the 6000 is getting later and later. Meaning, if you were to order it today, it wouldn't leave the factory until August 17 and wouldn't get to your house until the 20th or so.


As an alternative, you might want to check out the I600m. Yes, the screen is smaller, but the keyboard is about the same size, meaning you're not going to have to cramp your fingers to type on it for papers, etc.


Something to keep in mind...

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