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PlayStation 3~80GB Console + 2 Wireless Controllers & FreeShipping $249.99 @SonyStyle


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Thanks to the OP...my husband has been waiting for a deal on the PS3 and this is a pretty good one. He ended up getting the 160GB bundle because he was going to buy the Drake's Fortune game anyway. Pretty hot deal.


BTW, 80GB is now showing Out of Stock.


Thanks again....you made our day.

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Unfortunately, none of the newer PS3's (the slims) are backwards compatible. There were only three systems that were backwards compatible; an 80gb, 60gb and a 20gb. The 80gb BC system was still available used at my local Gamestop a few weeks ago. If you are going to purchase a used 80gb, make sure it has four USB slots on the front because there is also a 2 USB slot system that was not BC.
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