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walmart toy clearance-razor


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I noticed that our Walmart lately will mark things up and then say its on clearance and charge the regular price. Like if something was sold for $8.00 - they will put up a clearance sign, saying it was $10 and they are selling it for $8, I just don't get it.


On another note, they had kids fleece lined clogs on Clearance for just 1 dollar -- this was at the Mt. Vernon, OH Walmart -- they had mostly toddler sizes, a few left for older kids.

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The WM's in my area are nuts. $.50 off and that's clearance. There are several full rows of toys and school supplies but they refuse to mark them down even 30% much less 50 or more. The razors here are still $49

That's how my Walmart is too. They have had the same items in the clearance aisle FOREVER because they refuse to mark them down more than $0.50:eyepoppin

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