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Lady got her nose broken at Best Buy!

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Posted Nov 26, 2004 - 5:30 pm

A friend of mine who works at Target overheard a few ladies talking about Best Buy. Apparently 2 women went at it in the store over some 10.00 discount thing(didnt get the whole story) & the one woman punched the other one in the face & broke her nose! Now I have to say this is just ridiculous. If you can't control yourself better then that shopping then you need to stay home. I have always wanted to go to Best Buy on BF but now I think I am going to make sure I stay clear of that place. I thought Walmart was bad.

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Posted Nov 26, 2004 - 5:36 pm

I hope this isn't the same lady who constantly gets "trampled", LOL... But assuming it's legit--wow! Poor lady! But depending on how it went down, maybe she deserved it? Who fights over $10? Whatever happened, it's a shame. People in my area were all so civil, it was nice. I pushed my way through the crowds but did it with a smile on my face, saying "Excuse me please," as I shoved...LOL...nobody seemed to mind and most tried to move out of my way so I didn't have to get too physical.

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Posted Nov 26, 2004 - 6:01 pm

That is really awful--nothing is worth that--not even a cheap laptop!! I feel bad for them and wonder what on earth is wrong with their lives that they would act that way. Everyone here in TN is always really nice. This year I did have a few odd looks--I took my 12 year old with me--she's thin and FAST and boy can she weave in and out of people! I had to go between people to try to keep her in sight!! Once I explained that I was trying to keep up with her they laughed and moved out of the way (She was on her way to toys in Kohl's) This was her first store--I explained the rules when I caught up with her and she didn't do it for any of the other stores. She's used to being in Kohl's where it's not busy :-)

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