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Rant: ServInt and Direct Admin

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Posted Oct 10, 2004 - 2:00 am

For the past couple months of switching over to ServInt and converting to Direct Admin front-end I have had nothing but havoc. First of all, ServInt provides awesome uptime; I have never seen my site down, period. But their client support is ridiculous. Every single problem I enquire about requires on average 15 replies conversing on the problem. I end up extremely frustrated and sick of dealing with their support when it finally gets figured out because of their lack of knowledge about their server's and software. Not to mention that when I deal with the ServInt support I get tossed around their department like I am a ping pong ball. I end up talking to almost every single tech in there and there are miscommunications ALL the time. A nice example of this is me trying to setup SSL a bit ago and having over 40 emails back and forth total just to get it configured correctly. It made me want to learn how to do it myself through SSH and not even bother (though I am paying for their service so I shouldn't have to learn that type of stuff). Another example is today I am trying to setup a second SSH account for a developer to work with MySQL command line. After 12 emails the support team come to the conclusion that because I have Direct Admin installed setting up SSH accounts manually will not work and I need to configure them through Direct Admin (which DOES NOT EXIST). That's right; there is no configuration page for SSH accounts in direct admin. Then they just recently stopped replying to my enquiries on the matter. It has been 2 hours since my last email and I have had no response. Don't forget that Direct Admin does not allow setting up user accounts separately for databases, if you use DA, expect to have 1 username and 1 password, and then your administration user and pass. So if you want to setup different rights for a user account that accesses a specific database, forget it. Say you wanted to create another user account for the Direct Admin domain you are using so a second developer can work on the site. Sorry, not possible. This is ridiculous if the developers of Direct Admin want me to have to share my own credentials just so I can have another developer work with the front end. You cannot change the directory listing options with a .htaccess file through Direct Admin, you must manually create it, and if you decide to password protect the directory with directory listing preferences say goodbye to those settings. You cannot change the default email account that is your DA username then @domain.com. So if a client decides he wants his email to be the username of the login for Direct Admin, you end up having to recreate the entire website account and redo the settings. Say you want to see real time bandwidth usage like Cpanel offers, forget it. I have found that bandwidth is updated about every 24 hours (I didn't time it, but that is close.) This is just some of the stuff I have come across in the past 2 months. I'll update you all if you want more :) -paradox

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