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Perimeter Perusing at Target (Target Clearance Deals) - Q3 2014

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Posted Aug 1, 2014 - 3:28 am

I went to three Targets yesterday and got a lot a 70% off. I plan to go through it today and decided who gets what and make a list. I know I got the Nerf Rebels for DD and 3 of my DGS's are getting MIke the Knight castles and accessories. 


It was weird here because some things were 70 percent off at one store but they would not even be on sale at another. 


By Christmas I will have 8 grandbabies and 1 nephew all under 5 so I am thankful for this sale!!



Chesapeake stores at Hilcrest and Greenbriar and the one in Norfolk on Military Hwy. My parents went to the one at Chesapeake Square but nothing was marked while they were there.

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Posted Aug 1, 2014 - 7:01 pm


It was weird here because some things were 70 percent off at one store but they would not even be on sale at another. 



Not so weird as you might think. They do this big clearance in July/August to make space for what they will sell at Christmas. All the manufacturers ship new product starting in this same time frame, and the stores do the clearance to make space for higher yielding products. In fact, they often clearance stuff in July and bring it back in January after Christmas. Smaller stores have even less precious shelf space, so they will have to sacrifice some products that other stores are able to keep the whole season and through to the next without the break. I noticed they clearanced some Spy Gear at several of the smaller stores that wasn't clearanced at the larger ones. Likewise the Hexbug stuff. Some of the items had to go. Both of those lines usually have Target Exclusive holiday sets that they bring in and charge a premium for. So, they get rid of the lower margin items. It is an interesting process. Sometimes I wonder about the things they sacrifice. Doesn't always seem sensible.

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Posted Aug 3, 2014 - 6:54 pm

Anybody know when camping goes on clearance?
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