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Walgreens HDA 10/02-10/08/05

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Posted Sep 17, 2005 - 4:35 am

FAR Fructis Styling Products 5.1 to 8.5oz 3.49 Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush 4.49 Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners 15pk 1.29 7 day coupons hershey's candy 1.4 to 2.5oz 3/1.00 dawn dish liquid 12.6oz 0.99 charmin ultra bathroom tissue 6big rolls 2/7.00 pringles 5.12 to 6oz 0.79 geisha canned fruit 15 or 20oz 0.59 pineapple or tropical fruit salad campbells soup 10.5 to 10.75oz 4/3.00 cream soups evian natural spring water 16.9oz 0.79 act ii microwave popcorn 3pk 0.99 tropicana juice drink 2/1.29 B1G1 hersheys drink 2/1.49 B1G1 hersheys or nestle king size candy 1.23 to 3.7oz 2/1.29 b1g1 trident gum 18pk or 12pk 2/.99 B1G1 kodak power flash camera 27exp 6.99 moth balls or cedar pine 2/3.49 B1G1 renuzit air freshener 2/1.69 B1G1 adjustable or serosol spray mr coffee basket filters 50pk 2/.89 b1g1 VO5 shampoo or conditioner 15oz 0.79 carmex lip balm .15 to .35oz 0.99 puffs facial tissue 144 or 216 sheet 2/3.00 scott paper towels 6rolls 2/8.00 gatorade or propel 32oz or 1liter 3/3.00 colgate toothpaste 6 to 6.4oz 2/3.00 pepcid complete 50 to 90pk 5.00 off Other Stuff post or quaker cereal 15 to 24oz 2/4.29 B1G1 coke 12pk 2/6.99 haagen dazs ice cream one pint 2/5.00 kelloggs snack bars 6 to 8pk 2/4.00 wonder bread 24oz 2/3.00 wrigleys eclipse gum 3pk 2/3.00 werthers original chewy caramels 10oz 2/2.99 B1G1 nyquil or dayquil 10oz or 20pk 3.99 after 1.00 IVC febreze air effects 9.5oz 2/5.00 swiffer refills 3.99 tide laundry detergent 50oz or 33oz 3/10.00 prilosec 28pk 16.99 thermacare heatwrap 5.44 after .55 IVC pepto bismol 12 to 16oz or 48pk tabs or 40pk caps 3.99 cascade dishwasher detergent 45oz or 12pk 2/5.00 crest whitestrips 56pk 19.99 crest whitening expressions toothpaste 4.6 to 6oz 1.99 after 1.00 IVC scope mouthwash 1 liter 2/7.00 supposed to have free toothpaste on pack cover girl makeup b1g1 tampax pearl tampons 36 to 40pk 6.99 olay daily cleanser 5oz 5.99 isadora lip or nail color b1g1 must be of equal or lesser price entire line of prestige cosmetics b1g2nd 50% off calgon body care 4 to 8oz B1G1 must be of same price l'eggswear socks or tights b1g1 must be of same price lever 2000 2pk bar or 12oz b1g1 must be of same price dove facial care 4.49 after 1.50 IVC dove beauty bar 2pk 1.49 after 1.00 IVC dove hair care 2.25 to 12oz 2.99 after 1.00 IVC dove body wash 12oz 3.99 after 1.00 IVC dove antiperspirant 2.6oz 1.79 after 1.00 IVC dove lotion 10.8 to 13.5oz 6.49 after 1.50 IVC keri lotion 15oz 4.99 gillette disposable razors 3pk, 10pk or 12pk 5.99 venus, daisy or custom plus or good news plus gillette series, soft & dri or right guard 2 to 3oz 0.99 l'oreal feria hair colour or colour strands 7.99 mennen speed stick 2.3 to 3.25oz 2/2.79 b1g1 (includes lady speed stick) softsoap antibacterial soap 7.5oz 2/3.00 childrens motrin or tylenol 4oz liquid 4.99 motrin pain reliever 50pk 3.99 tylenol pain reliever 80 to 100pk 6.99 st joseph adult low strength aspirin 36pk 2/4.00 viactiv calcium chews 90pk 8.99 johnson & johnson cotton swabs 500pk 2/3.00 advil pain reliever 100 +100pk 9.99 optifree contact lens solution 12oz 2/15.00 all gold seal vitamins b1g2nd 50% off finest natural fish oil b1g1f trend laundry detergent 100oz 0.99 after 1.00 MIR pampers jumbo pack diapers 21 to 56pk 8.99 folgers coffee 39oz, 34.5oz, or 26oz 5.99 l'oreal preference hair color 6.99 after 2.00 IVC coke 2 liter 1.09 reader glasses B1G!
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