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#1273873 Annual most memorable/embarrassing BF moment(s)

Posted by tn20 on Oct 19, 2014 - 5:07 pm

One year, my son really wanted an Optimus Prime Transformer toy. We couldn't afford the retail price, but were excited to see it on sale at Toys R Us. It was a madhouse and by the time I got to the correct aisle, there was only one left of the shelf. I quickly started heading towards it when a woman came from behind me and shoved me in to the shelving. I fell down, and she rushed towards the toy. I was so upset, but a young guy had seen what had happened and just before she grabbed the toy, he pulled it off the shelf and held it out of her reach. He walked over to me and asked,"Is this what you were after?" I said yes and he handed it to me, gave her a very mischievous smile, and walked off. She was so mad, but I don't know what made me happier, that my son would get his toy or knowing that, in the midst of chaos, that man cared enough to help out a stranger.

#1242452 2013 Secret Santa Exchange

Posted by Reinholt1 on Dec 20, 2013 - 1:19 am

My turn!  (I think I may be the last one)   My Secret Santa gift arrived today!  Yay!  Thank you!  It was perfect!  But not in the way you might guess!  And the timing actually worked out perfectly!  (I always have preached that miracles are as simple as "God placing the right people (or things) in the right place at the right time".    If you have the eyes of faith (doesn't matter which faith) you will see miracles right and left.


Any way..here's the story.  My poor 83 year old dad, slipped and fell outside the old people's home when he and my mother were returning from a doctor appointment.   Off to the hospital they went.  Being the dutiful daughter and DPOA I left my hospital (work) and went to theirs.   Dad was shaken up and upset and chattering a mile a minute.  Of course we had to go through all the CT scans, Xrays, blood work etc. and he was placed in observation.  RN took one look and him and how he was acting  (he has vascular dementia from his stroke 4 years ago.) and  immediately said  'You are staying the night aren't you?"  Of course.  Well.  Poor dad was up all afternoon/evening with tests et al.  AND up all night for tests and just simple checks to make sure he was still alert and could squeeze hands etc.  83 year old men do not take well to being up 24 hours straight.  So by 6am Dad is becoming more and more confused and very grumpy and fussy.  This soon turned into an all out  dementia temper tantrum  which lasted 5 hours.  We could not calm him down or redirect him.  He was both physically and emotionally exhausted.  I finally told the nurse,  "I hate to do this, but can you give him something?  We need to hit his reset button somehow."   So poor dad got a wee bit of happy juice and was sound asleep quickly.   He was rouse-able a few hours later and we were able to finish his tests and be discharged.  (Yay!  Nothing broken, no bleeding.)  Got him home Wednesday night and spent the night at the old people's home as Dad was still very groggy and disoriented.


Fast forward to Thursday afternoon, Dad is now awake and back to his old self after 13-14 hours of sleep.   I had to leave mom and dad for a few hours because I had to lead the candlelight service at my hospital.  When I returned home, my secret santa package had arrived!  But I did not know it was my secret santa because it did not say "secret santa".  I thought it was an Ebay purchase.  I fed the cats and grabbed my package and headed back to the old people's home.   I found a very contrite and embarrassed Dad who was trying to apologize right and left.  Mom told him how he had been behaving.  (He could not remember any of it.)  I reassured Dad that I was not upset,  that I knew it was his dementia and that everything was OK.  But he was still upset.  Then I opened my secret santa gift.... it was a snowman night light  (a very glittery sparkly one.)  And my dad has  always had a thing for night lights.  (He is afraid of tripping and falling,)  His face immediately lit up and he asked "Is that for me??" and he began laughing when I plugged it in.  (Totally forgetting how upset he was.)


Needless to say,  it is now in his bedroom and his guardian angel night light was moved to his bathroom hallway.  (And a plain night light was "retired".)   He is SO happy  (and thus I am happy) with it.  Every time I have assisted him with overnight bathroom runs tonight,  he points and it and chuckles as I take him back to his bed.  It is an absolutely perfect gift and more importantly, it came at just the time.  Thank you so very much!



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Now as, promised.....Mom's Secret Santa gifts from Chief Elf! :D


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Two pretty leonx bird bowls for Mom's chocolate.  (As you can see, she has already enjoyed almost all of her chocolate.)


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Sorry, thought the picture was clearer... Mom also got a beautiful pin.


Mom has sent a thank you note to Chef Elf.   She really enjoyed her Secret Santa surprise!


And thank you to my Secret Santa!  Because you brought a big smile to dad's face when he needed it!

#1241930 2013 Secret Santa Exchange

Posted by ClosedAcct on Dec 16, 2013 - 9:14 pm

Y'all.....y'all.....y'all....y'alllllllllllll..................You win.  I give in.  I give into the Christmas spirit and the hopefulness I seem to have misplaced for far too long and to the belief that good people exist.


I bet you can guess what I am about to say.....there was another package waiting for me when I got home from what was a horrible day that included a huge blow up with my father over some serious non-packergurl-responsible nonsense but I digress.....


After crying yet again, I decide to open all the packages.  There have been 5 packages in all:


1) The first package (see picture #1) had some awesome old school taffy that I can guarantee will be gone before the week is over along with some mini Twix (yummy!) and Russell Stovers as well as a gorgeous watch that I LOVE and gingerbread anti-bacterial hand stuff.  I love this all, thank you!!!.


2) The second package was the previously posted package (see post #180 in this thread) that had a box of peppermint tea, Reese's Pieces and Twix - my 2 favs!, and a Starbucks card. This the perfect comfort package, tea and chocolate! Thank you!!


3) Package 3 was from the Chief Elf and had an adorable angel ornament with the word "Believe" on it that is now proudly front and center on my tree (see post #223).  It's perfect!  Thank you Chief Elf!


4) Package 4 (see picture 2 marked #4) is the package that arrived on Friday and is mentioned in post #224.  This package had 2 inflatable Packers tailgating buffet tables!!!  OH THE IRONY!!!  I was so pumped from the pep rally that I had a party for the game yesterday and I received one of these at my office white elephant exchange last week and I love it and I used it at my party yesterday and I was seriously telling everyone that I needed more of them because one wasn't enough and there sat two more RIGHT UNDER MY TREE!!!! BAHAHAHAHA :)  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I can't wait til next Sunday, it's going to be a Packers buffet heaven in my house! :D


5) The package that arrived today (see picture 3 marked #5) is the one that broke the dam and spurred the opening of the packages under the tree BUT by the time I got to this one, I felt like I was cheating myself of Christmas morning excitement so when I discovered the gifts were wrapped, I stopped myself.  There are 4 tea packages I can't wait to try and there are 5 wrapped packages in all, 3 are Christmas and the 2 with the puppy paper say Happy Birthday.  You don't even know what it means to have birthday gifts NOT wrapped in Christmas paper!!  I wanted to rip into them but I decided to save them so I will update this next week.  THANK YOU!! :D


There are also 2 other people who sent me Christmas cards with Starbucks cards in them to whom I want to say thank you.  I also want to say thank you for all of the Christmas cards too.  My mantle is very appreciative :)


I've tried to send a card to everyone who has sent me something but if I missed you, please, please, please, please let me know so I can fix that :)


You all have made me feel very special and loved.  I feel like I've been blitz attacked into a better mood and a better outlook and it has worked.  It's not even about the "things" but the fact that all of you, people who don't even know me, care enough to try and perk me up.  It has definitely shined a light on all the not so good people I let hang around - family included - who are life sucking energy drainers that don't deserve the access to me. You all have reminded me that there are positive people still out there and you have shown me that I deserve better, quality people in my life.  I cannot say thank you enough.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I love ALL of you and if you EVER need ANYTHING, say the word and it's done.  Gottadeal has definitely shown me THIS is what family is about and that family is more than just DNA.  Thank you a thousand and one times over.  Merry Christmas.


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#1277661 Sears Black Friday Ad Posted

Posted by Deal Grabber on Nov 4, 2014 - 6:27 pm

this scan is HORRIBLE to look at. I sincerely hope the rest of your ads this year are easier to look at....


and i hope if a better looking one shows up you completely replace it. It would be easy to miss a good sale or item due to not even seeing it. First page refrigerator and washer....


These ads are given to mods to post. They dont chose to post them with the watermarks. Im very thankful for this(free)  site that even takes the time to post ads for us. if you have clearer ads for us to look at feel free to submit them. Given the fact all the hard work that goes into this site im happy to view what ever ads are posted. :cheesy:

#1287988 2014 Secret Santa Exchange

Posted by Reinholt1sMom on Dec 4, 2014 - 10:16 pm

SS GIFT RECEIVED!   THANK YOU SS!  [[[[  :holiday15 ]]]]


Actually it's Reinholt1 posting on behalf of my 84 yr old mom.  When I stopped by today, mom met me with the box in hand saying "This just arrived, who is it from?"   I pointed to the "SS" in the return address and said "It's your Secret Santa".  At that, her face lit up and she said "Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!  I am opening it NOW!!!"  and she turned and ran back into her building and that was the last I saw of her.


20 minutes later she calls me on the phone:  "Do you want to know what I got??  I got CHOCOLATE!"  Boy you sure made Mom's day!  She's happy.   (She's probably eaten it all by now too.)


Mom also said that she received a mug with a purple design that matches her new jacket.  (Mom has gotten into some of her Christmas presents already...::sigh::  She is opening one every day, advent calendar style, between Thanksgiving and Christmas.   (And if she doesn't like me telling everyone, then she needs to learn how to write her own dumb posts!  ::ducking out of mom's reach very quickly: :))


Mom also found 2 knit summer shirts in her box that she is very happy with...one is a bright solid green which she says she can't wait for St. Patrick's Day to wear.   ("You can't find sold green shirts with this kind of green in March.  I can't wait to wear it.")  and a summery white shirt with a bright blue and yellow design with flecks of black.  Mom says she will "wear it with black pants to make the black flecks pop right out."  I know Mom is happy with them because she is already matching them up with pants and deciding when she can wear them!


I'll post pictures after I go over and take them.  (Well, as I said,  I think that small box of Russell Stover chocolates is gone by now so I think I missed that photo!)


Thank you very much Secret Santa...Reinholt1sMom is very happy with her surprises!

#1222299 What's the best deal you have gotten on Black Friday?

Posted by leefamily23 on Oct 19, 2013 - 8:17 pm

I say this every year...but my best deal was my hubby  :gdkiss2: .  Was kinda shoved with the crowd into him in the middle of the madness at Walmart in 1997.  (I will have to say we knew each other in jr high, but he moved out of state in high school and we had not seen each other for roughly 7-8 yrs.)  I went to go say I'm sorry and was ready to move on to my doorbusters.  Instead, I stopped to chat for a few minutes as best as possible. We had a connection in the middle of the opening mayhem and I looked him up in the phone book that night and called him.  We've been together ever since.  

#1278258 Black Friday T-Shirt Status Update Thread

Posted by Brad on Nov 6, 2014 - 11:17 am

As an added bonus, several of the prize shirts will contain Amazon.com gift card codes in various amounts, so check your package closely :P

#1241948 2013 Secret Santa Exchange

Posted by lilquiet on Dec 17, 2013 - 3:14 am

Now THIS is what Christmas is about.  :) THIS is what keeps me coming back for these exchanges,  :gdhug1:


 Everyone is so sweet, thoughtful, and giving.  Strangers but yet family.  Gottadeal is just the best pick me up.

#1275859 Pet Peeves of Black Friday shopping

Posted by misstaken on Oct 28, 2014 - 8:14 pm

The biggest thing that I'm getting tired of is all of the complaining about the Thanksgiving sales. I understand that people don't want to have to work on Thanksgiving, and I don't either, but my job requires me to so I do it. We are still able to have a nice family day together, it just may not be on Thanksgiving day itself. That doesn't really matter to me as long as we all get together at some point over the holiday weekend. When I decided to do the type of work that I do, I understood that it would require me to work holidays. It's just part of my responsibilities. 


That being said, I also understand that some people don't want to shop on Thanksgiving. That's ok too. But the shaming of people who DO decide to go out shopping on Thanksgiving really needs to stop. I'm so over all of the negativity. For a lot of us, this is a fun time of year and a tradition that people share with family or friends. I just hope it stays that way!

#1290420 So what did you get or give that was a HIT?

Posted by Illinoismom on Dec 28, 2014 - 9:05 am

This was the best present any mom can get, This Rose was hand made by my 15 year old son.10401337_10203225045530208_4893081429920

#1243515 Year-Round Black Friday Forum

Posted by Brad on Dec 28, 2013 - 6:34 am

We're going to keep a Black Friday sub-forum open all year this year. While I don't expect there to be much posting here in the next 7-8 months, if there is any news about Black Friday 2014 that comes up, we now have a place to discuss it.


I've also put the archives in this forum as well so all the Black Friday stuff is contained in this sub-forum all year long.

#1226385 Are you as excited this year? With more stores opening on "Black Thursday...

Posted by momof3luvs1 on Nov 5, 2013 - 1:24 pm

No! And, I'm bummed about it. I always joked about BF being my holiday =) But in all seriousness I would never give up Thanksgiving for it. I love shopping, the tradition of going out, the feeling of the holidays officially being here but not the craziness it is turning into. I will still go out and have a great time at my regular time on Friday and if I miss stuff I don't really care. The part that bothers me is that I have a choice and some don't. Some cannot just say so what if I miss a big deal because they might be on a very limited budget and the only way to give their kids Christmas is by bf deals. I can say I will just spend family time on Thanksgiving and go out at my leisure but some are being forced to work and in some stores the majority of the holiday and have no choice. For those saying that people should just get another job if they dont like it are CRAZY! They are working because they need it I'm sure and cannot just get another job. So what bothers me the most is that many are not thinking of others on the one day of the year where we are supposed to think about others the most! So I am sad for me that the Black Friday magic is fading but I'm more sad for others who have to lose out on the magic of Thanksgiving because of it...

#1225910 I will not shop at Toys R Us at 5:00PM on Thanksgiving!

Posted by cyndim98 on Nov 4, 2013 - 8:16 am

I'm very very angered that these retailers are so greedy that they have to open on thanksgiving at 5:00!  WHAT about their employees?  Can't they get a day off to give thanks????????????  Not only that but the retailers have ruined all the FUN it was going out in the middle of the night getting great deals! BLACKFRIDAY IS NOT ON THURSDAY PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1281573 Your Online Black Friday Shopping Questions Answered

Posted by Brad on Nov 16, 2014 - 2:45 pm

Also, something minor - if there is something you really want at a store like Target that has free shipping on everything this year, buy it right away, then go back for any other items in a second order. The time it takes you to browse for other items to add to your order might just enough time for the item you really wanted to go out of stock and there's no need to buy a bunch of items at once to reach a shipping threshold.

#1232235 Black Friday T-Shirt Status Updates Official Thread

Posted by Brad on Nov 19, 2013 - 7:48 pm

Just an update: All the shirts are now in the hands of the USPS. :)

Single shirts were dropped off last night and were processed today and sent via First Class mail.

Multi-shirt packages were dropped off tonight, so they'll be processed tomorrow and sent via Priority Mail.

Post in this thread when you get your shirts if everything is correct, and in the unlikely chance we made a mistake (wrong size, wrong quantity) send me a PM instead so I see it right away and can fix things one way or another.

With the addition of the long-sleeve shirts this year and basically 13 different size/sleeve combinations there's always the chance my lack of sleep caused me to screw up your order :P. But I still have a few extras of most sizes I can send out, otherwise I can put you on the list for next year or give you a refund if you bought shirts and need to return them because of an error, but I'm hopeful that we got everything correct.

#1288349 2014 Secret Santa Exchange

Posted by willandmel on Dec 7, 2014 - 8:30 am

I recileived my SS gift yesterday and was so excited and couldn't help opening it. I received my favorite candy haribo gummy bears, which my twins tore into right away. The next thing I opened was my daughters favorite, a calander she wanted it hung right away. The rest of the package contained a delicious mixture of scents needed for a staycation, lotions, hand sanitizers and candles :) my fur babies were also included giving my dogs treats and cookies and my fat cat a stocking of toys. These gifts my twins put in my fur babies stockings immediately. Thank you so much. You brightened my holidays even more. *feeling blessed*

#1280228 Official Line Camping Report Update Thread

Posted by bribri25 on Nov 12, 2014 - 12:30 pm

I want to see the store go out there one night on the week of BF and while they are sleeping, put a new sign on the other side of the door "LINE FORMS HERE". ;)

#1279437 Black Friday T-Shirt Status Update Thread

Posted by Brad on Nov 10, 2014 - 7:19 pm

If you won a shirt and I had your address by 5pm this afternoon, your shirts were mailed today :)

#1231035 DVD/Blu-Ray movies list

Posted by riven3d on Nov 16, 2013 - 4:58 pm

Movie Title    Format    Store    Price $
42    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
12 Dogs of Christmas    DVD    Toys R Us    3.99
21 Jump Street    DVD    WalMart    1.96
21 Jump Street    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
A Good Day to Die Hard    DVD    WalMart    4.96
A Good Day to Die Hard    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Alvin and The Chipmunks Chipwrecked    DVD    Target    4
Alvin and The Chipmunks Chipwrecked    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
American Pie    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
American Reunion    DVD    Target    1
Argo    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
Argo    DVD    Target    4
Argo    DVD    WalMart    3.96
Argo    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
Back to the Future Trilogy    DVD    Target    13
Battleship    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
Battleship    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Big Top Scooby Doo    DVD    Toys R Us    4.99
Billy Madison    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Billy Madison    DVD    Target    1
Bourne Identity    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
Bourne Trilogy    DVD    Target    13
Brave    DVD    Toys R Us    11.99
Brave    Combo    Toys R Us    14.99
Breaking Dawn Part 2    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
Breaking Dawn Part 2    DVD    Target    4
Brides Maids    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Brides Maids    DVD    WalMart    3.96
Burt Wonderstone    Blu-Ray    Toys R Us    9.99
Cinderalla    DVD    Toys R Us    11.99
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs    DVD    Toys R Us    3.99
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs    Blu-Ray    Toys R Us    9.99
Contraband    DVD    Kmart    3.99
Couragious    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Despicable Me    DVD    Kmart    3.99
Despicable Me    DVD    WalMart    3.96
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days    Blu-Ray    Target    9
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules    DVD    Target    4
Die Hard    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Die Hard 2    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Die Hard 3    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Dirty Dancing    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Dirty Dancing    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Dolphin Tale    DVD    Kmart    3.99
Drive    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
Duck Dynasty    DVD    Target    8
E.T.    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Eclipes    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
Epic    Combo    Kmart    9.99
Epic    Combo    Sam's Club    8.98
Epic    DVD    Target    9
Epic    DVD    WalMart    9.96
Epic    Combo    WalMart    9.96
Evil Dead    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
Fast & Furious    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Fast Five    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Fast Five    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Field of Dreams    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Fight Club    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
Fight Club    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Flight    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
Flight    Blu-Ray    Target    4
Flight    DVD    WalMart    3.96
Flight    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Frosty The Snowman    DVD    Kmart    5
Gangster Squad    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
Gangster Squad    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Grown Ups    DVD    Toys R Us    3.99
Grown Ups 2    Combo    Kmart    9.99
Grown Ups 2    DVD    Target    9
Grown Ups 2    Combo    WalMart    9.96
Guilt Trip    DVD    Kmart    3.99
Hangover    DVD    Kmart    2.99
Hangover Part II    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Hangover Part III    DVD    Kmart    7.99
Hangover Part III    Blu-Ray    Kmart    9.99
Hangover Part III    Blu-Ray    Target    9
Hangover Part III    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
Hangover Part III    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
Hanzel & Gretel    Blu-Ray    Target    9
Happy Feet 1 & 2    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Hatfields & McCoys    DVD    Best Buy    9.99
Hellboy II    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
Here Comes the Boom    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Here Comes the Boom    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
Hoosiers    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Horrible Bosses    DVD    Kmart    3.99
Horton Hears a Who    DVD    Toys R Us    4.99
Hot Tub Time Machine    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Hotel Translyvania    DVD    Kmart    7.99
Hotel Translyvania    DVD    Target    4
Ice Age    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Ice Age Continental Drift    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Ice Age Continental Drift    DVD    WalMart    4.96
Ice Age Continental Drift    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Ice Age The Meltdown    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Identity Thief    DVD    Kmart    7.99
Identity Thief    DVD    WalMart    9.96
Iron Man    DVD    Toys R Us    3.99
Iron Man    DVD    WalMart    4.96
Jack The Giant Slayer    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Jack The Giant Slayer    Blu-Ray    Toys R Us    9.99
Jack The Giant Slayer    DVD    WalMart    3.96
Jack The Giant Slayer    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Jaws    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Journey 2 The Mysterious Island    DVD    Toys R Us    4.99
Jurassic Park Trilogy    DVD    Target    13
Jurassic Park    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Kick-Ass    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Knight & Day    DVD    Kmart    3.99
Les Miserables    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
Life of Pi    DVD    WalMart    4.96
Little Mermaid    Combo    Toys R Us    14.99
Looper    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
Lord of the Rings    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Madagascar 3    DVD    Kmart    7.99
Madagascar 3    DVD    Toys R Us    9.99
Magic Mike    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Magic Mike    DVD    Target    4
Magic Mike    DVD    WalMart    3.96
Magic Mike    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Mallrats    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Man of Steel    Combo    Kmart    13.99
Men In Black    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Merry Madagascar    DVD    Kmart    5
MIB 3    DVD    Kmart    5.99
MIB 3    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Moneyball    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
Monsters University    Combo    Kmart    13.99
Monsters University    Combo    Sam's Club    8.98
Monsters University    Combo    Target    10
Monsters University    DVD    Toys R Us    11.99
Monsters University    Combo    Toys R Us    14.99
Monsters University    DVD    WalMart    9.96
Monsters University    Combo    WalMart    9.96
Mud    DVD    Target    4
Mulan/Mulan 2    DVD    Toys R Us    11.99
Muppets From Space    Blu-Ray    Toys R Us    3.99
New Moon    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
New Moon    DVD    Toys R Us    3.99
Now You See Me    DVD    Kmart    7.99
Now You See Me    DVD    Target    9
Oblivion    DVD    Toys R Us    9.99
Oblivion    Combo    WalMart    9.96
Olympus Has Fallen    DVD    Kmart    7.99
Olympus Has Fallen    DVD    Target    6
Olympus Has Fallen    DVD    WalMart    4.96
Olympus Has Fallen    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Open Season 3    DVD    Toys R Us    3.99
Pacific Rim    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
Pacific Rim    DVD    Kmart    9.99
Pacific Rim    Blu-Ray    Kmart    9.99
Pacific Rim    DVD    Kmart    7.99
Pacific Rim    Blu-Ray    Target    6
Pacific Rim    Combo    WalMart    9.96
Pain & Gain    DVD    Kmart    7.99
ParaNorman    DVD    Target    6
Parental Guidance    DVD    Toys R Us    4.99
Parker    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
Peter Pan    DVD    Toys R Us    11.99
Pitch Perfect    DVD    Target    6
Planes    Combo    Kmart    13.99
Planes    DVD    Toys R Us    11.99
Planes    Combo    Toys R Us    14.99
Planes    DVD    WalMart    9.96
Pocahontas/Pocahontas 2    DVD    Toys R Us    11.99
Princess and the Frog    DVD    Toys R Us    11.99
Prometheus    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
Prometheus    DVD    WalMart    4.96
Ray    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Red    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
Red Dawn    DVD    WalMart    4.96
Red Dawn    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Riddick    DVD    Target    13
Rio    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Rio    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Rio    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
Rise of the Guardians    DVD    Kmart    7.99
Rise of the Planet of the Apes    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer    DVD    Kmart    5
Safe Haven    DVD    Target    6
Santa Paws    DVD    Toys R Us    9.99
Shrek The Halls    DVD    Kmart    5
Silver Linings Playbook    DVD    Target    6
Sin City    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
Skyfall    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
Skyfall    DVD    WalMart    4.96
Skyfall    Combo    WalMart    9.96
Snitch    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
Snitch    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Snow White and The Huntsman    DVD    Kmart    5.99
Snow White and The Huntsman    DVD    Target    6
Soul Surfer    DVD    Kmart    3.99
Soul Surfer    DVD    Toys R Us    3.99
Spaceballs    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Spartacus Gods of the Arena    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    9.99
Star Trek Into Darkness    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
Star Trek Into Darkness    DVD    Kmart    7.99
Star Trek Into Darkness    Combo    Sam's Club    8.98
Star Trek Into Darkness    DVD    Toys R Us    9.99
Star Trek Into Darkness    Combo    WalMart    9.96
Taken    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
Taken 2    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
Taken 2    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Talladega Nights    Blu-Ray    Target    4
Tangled    DVD    Toys R Us    11.99
Tangled    Combo    Toys R Us    14.99
Ted    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
Ted    Blu-Ray    Target    9
Ted    DVD    WalMart    3.96
Ted    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rise of the Turtles    DVD    Target    6
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trilogy    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
The A-Team    DVD    WalMart    1.96
The A-Team    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
The Big Lebowski    Blu-Ray    WalMart    6.96
The Blues Brothers    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
The Bourne Legacy    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
The Bourne Legacy    DVD    Kmart    5.99
The Conjuring    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
The Conjuring    DVD    Kmart    7.99
The Conjuring    DVD    WalMart    9.96
The Conjuring    Combo    WalMart    9.96
The Croods    Combo    Sam's Club    8.98
The Croods    DVD    WalMart    9.96
The Croods    Combo    WalMart    9.96
The Dark Knight Risess    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
The Dark Knight Risess    DVD    Kmart    5.99
The Dark Knight Risess    Blu-Ray    Target    6
The Dark Knight Risess    DVD    Toys R Us    9.99
The Dark Knight Risess    DVD    WalMart    1.96
The Dark Knight Risess    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
The Expendables 2    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
The Expendables 2    DVD    Kmart    5.99
The Fast & The Furious    DVD    WalMart    1.96
The Fast and The Furry    DVD    Kmart    3.99
The Great Gatsby    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
The Great Gatsby    DVD    Target    4
The Grinch    DVD    WalMart    4.96
The Heat    Combo    Kmart    9.99
The Heat    DVD    Target    9
The Heat    DVD    WalMart    9.96
The Heat    Combo    WalMart    9.96
The Hunger Games    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
The Hunger Games    DVD    Kmart    5.99
The Hunger Games    DVD    WalMart    4.96
The Internship    DVD    WalMart    9.96
The Internship    Combo    WalMart    9.96
The Lorax    DVD    Kmart    5.99
The Pirates    DVD    Toys R Us    3.99
The Purge    DVD    Kmart    7.99
The Purge    DVD    Target    6
The Sandlot    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
The Simpsons    DVD    Target    8
The Smurfs    DVD    Kmart    3.99
The Vow    DVD    Target    4
The Wolverine    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
This is 40    DVD    Best Buy    4.99
This is 40    DVD    Target    6
This is The End    Combo    Kmart    9.99
This is The End    DVD    Target    9
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Turbo    Combo    Sam's Club    8.98
Turbo    DVD    Target    10
Twilight    DVD    Best Buy    1.99
Twilight    DVD    Kmart    2.99
Twilight    DVD    Toys R Us    4.99
Twilight    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Twilight    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
Uncle Buck    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Van Hellsing    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
Warm Bodies    Blu-Ray    Target    6
Wedding Crashers    Blu-Ray    Target    4
Wizard of Oz    DVD    WalMart    1.96
Wizard of Oz    Blu-Ray    WalMart    3.96
World War Z    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
World War Z    Blu-Ray    Kmart    9.99
World War Z    DVD    Kmart    7.99
World War Z    Combo    Sam's Club    8.98
World War Z    Blu-Ray    Target    9
World War Z    DVD    Toys R Us    9.99
World War Z    DVD    WalMart    9.96
World War Z    Combo    WalMart    9.96
Wreck It Ralph    DVD    Toys R Us    11.99
X-Men Origins: Wolverine    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
X-Men: The First Class    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    3.99
X-Men: The First Class    DVD    Kmart    3.99
X-Men: The First Class    DVD    Toys R Us    4.99
Zero Dark Thirty    Blu-Ray    Best Buy    7.99
Zero Dark Thirty    Blu-Ray    Target    6
Zombieland    DVD    Kmart    2.99
Zombieland    DVD    WalMart    1.96


I may have missed some as some of the ads I could not read everything. I did not include TV series in this list at all.


If you see something listed you reply here and I will update this post

#1230917 2013 Secret Santa Exchange

Posted by pogiporkchop on Nov 16, 2013 - 10:01 am

I quite agree; it's nice to see one before Thanksgiving. Glad to see the gift will be thoroughly enjoyed.

For next year I think there should be a question regarding gift cards. Some people, such as myself, may be totally OK with just receiving a gift card. Others may prefer to get an actual gift, and yet others may not care one way or the other. This would be a very useful thing to know. If anyone that has not sent or purchased gifts yet would like me to ask their exchange person let me know.

And speaking of next year, I would be happy to host the exchanges again. In fact I can take it over long term if nobody objects - there's nothing I can foresee that would keep me from doing so. :)